Crisolart Galleries features International contemporary art, our willing is to showcase highly recognized international artist new tendencies and expressions.This both within the established contemporary art scene as the upcoming urban expressions.The purpose here is to present powerful and visionary art by upcoming artists  to present a lineup within the crossfield of a high technical level of creations. Our artists are selected within this conviction, based on their unique conceptual and visual line of work.The gallery has existed for more then 20 years runned by Alexander Yaya & Will Yaya and assistent Daniela Nocito displaying monthly exhibition at the gallery placed downtown in Barcelona.Furthermore we organise projects and shows with museums and other galleries, besides participating at art fairs in and outside the Spanish  borders.

We have an elegant art gallery in Barcelona where the art and trends will meet in harmony,  Crisolart Galleries Calle Villarroel 43. Will be the reference in contemporary art in the city of Barcelona.

We have also a gallery located in 676A 9th Ave  NY 10036, will showcases the art work of international artists, who will made New York City the gravitating force of their artistic discourse, and will be part of the Crisolart on going exhibitions series of cross-borders dialogue through contemporary art.