Abrimos las puertas a la creatividad, a la imaginación y por supuesto, a la ilusión de 4 creadores representados en esta edición otoñal: Autumn Art Exhibition 2019
Vamos a disfrutar tanto de artistas consagrados a nivel internacional, como de otros que han decidido dar una parte de su obra a conocer por primera vez.»

Elena Petikova (Rusia) @elena1305

Ttuviya (Colombia)
Vanessa Gutierrez

Cristina Galobart (España)

Katerina Alekseeva (Rusia) alekseeva_arts

Kathrin Kovshova (Dubai)

Esperánza Paez (Colombia)

José Lopez

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Past exhibition in Barcelona:

El viernes a las 19:39 horas, la Sala de Exposiciones Crisolart Galleries Private Art Gallery, acogerá la inauguración de la exposición de pintura y fotografía del colectivo de artistas de InnBarcelona Summer group Show: Ernesto Laborde Ortíz, Morten Saether, Natalia Sagaru, José Manuel Ruiz Monserrat, Mariangela Rettore
InnBarcelona summer group Show será un colectivo de artistas plásticos con estilo y técnica libres, con dinámica de investigación y progresistas tanto a nivel individual como de grupo, desarrollando proyectos pictóricos o multilenguaje, expresándose también mediante la fotografía digital, ilustraciones, y pintura a óleo, en grandes y pequeños formatos.

Crisolart Galleries is proud to share Summer Art Expo BCN a group exhibition by international artists: Evert Van Bommel, Esperanza Páez, Jose Lopez, Fatma Abdulla, Mariangela Rettore, «Bimba» Maria Victoria López, Andrei Romasyukov, Irina Markov Shagal, Evgenya Partas, Jewelry By Ksenia Dologova, Designer Clothers Me.Today (Elena And Julia Danilova & Alexander Yaya).
The artists has an incredible new art works with over 40 pieces.

Aleksander Votsmush is a world-famous artist, unique and virtuoso master of watercolor. His works are like shaky dreams: recognizable architectural silhouettes flow into daydreams of cities, real people – into fantasy characters. What is more real? The world created by the artist or the surrounding reality? One thing is for sure: once you have started the journey through the cities and streets of Votsmush’s watercolors – it is difficult to stop.

For many years, talented artist Dasha Rybina has been trying her hand at various techniques and directions. This time the result of her creative work has been monumental canvases vibrating with deep, rich colors. Collecting the world by brushstrokes, as if by atoms, she presents to the world paintings filled with sounds, smells, a mysterious atmosphere, thus creating the participation effect. Made in a decorative vein, Dasha’s paintings do not cross the line of serious art.

The works of Aleksander Votsmush and Dasha Rybina are different; however, this very contrast makes the exhibition interesting and complete. Balancing and complementing each other, they create harmony.

“Fire. A human being is born a small glowing spark. The flame rises and falls. Sometimes it flares up in the wind and turns into a wild fire. Sometimes it smokes and fades. The nature of the flame depends on external circumstances and on the energy source where the wick of the creator is immersed. The fire is able to illuminate and warm up the space of the world where it exists. The fire is alive and able to surprise with its beauty” (A. Votsmush).

On June 7, during the opening of the exhibition, Aleksander Votsmush will give a demonstration master class. The artist will be creating sketches and portraits of the guests. As always, Alexander’s works will be expressive, ironical and exceptional by mood.

Collaborative project with Molbert Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

Curated by Alexandra Timorina

Past Exhibitions: