Our magazine is a central reference for current visual and contemporary plastic artists so it is important that both you and your work are present in our next issue.
Artmosphere is distributed worldwide and is full of information on international fairs and all the major exhibitions held at museums and galleries as well as private collections.
Artists whose work appears in Artmosphere are likely to attract interest from galleries, museums, collectors and art lovers in general.
In turn, galleries, museums, art fairs and collectors have found that Artmosphere is a chronicle of global and contemporary art, as well as a reference and effective sales and marketing tool. It is therefore highly motivating for collectors and buyers to see an artist’s work in our magazine and publication with us is hence an excellent way to get noticed.
If you are an artist, we would be glad to send you further information on how you can get yourself and your work included in our publication.
You will find Artmosphere at some of the most influential fairs in the market such as Art Basel, Art Dubai, Art Paris, Stroke Munich, Zurich Art, Arco Madrid and at major museums and collections such as MoMA, the Getty Museum LA, MEAM, Barcelona Thyssen, Reina Sofia and the Metroplitan NYC Guggenheim. The magazine is an open window for painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, designers and performers and for all those who help to portray art as a lifestyle.